Natural + Xanthonized
100% Handmade Soap

Why Xansoap?

Xansoap is made with the most basic ingredients. No harsh, toxic chemicals or anything fanciful. Free of SLS and other sulphates, parabens, triclosan, urea, DEA, dyes, and artificial fragrance. Our soap is safe and gentle to the skin, anyone can use it. Even our little children at home uses and loves it.

We say there’s nothing fanciful in soap. We are lying. Xanthones, a natural antioxidant, is an essential ingredient in our soap. It is extracted from mangosteen, the tropical fruit that contains the highest concentration of antioxidants. It can reduce signs of aging and appearance of scars tissue, calm skin inflammation, firm and tone the skin.

We want to try our best to minimize our impact on the environment. Our eco-friendly soap do not pollute water or harm aquatic organisms. Our packaging, which is wax paper and paper stickers, are biodegradable.

The Xansoap Story.

It is our goal to provide affordable, natural alternatives to synthetic personal care products.
  • The Beginning

    In 2000, Richard (that's our founder) was not happy with having to rely on medication to fix his old-folks ailments. Back then, it was already common knowledge that the mangosteen skin (rind) is the richest in xanthones – a group of antioxidants that is very beneficial to health. So, he started to look into compounding the whole mangosteen fruit into a tropical fruit drink. Drinking it regularly, he found his old-folks ailments gone! He was naturally very excited about it and began manufacturing the fruit juice in a humble shop lot and sell them to his friends.

  • Birth of Xansoap

    One day, in mid 2007, when Richard was visting his friend's padi field. His friend casually suggested using rice husk to make scrub soap. This gave Richard, the retired chemist, an idea. He wondered if the xanthones in mangosteen would exhibit its anti-oxidant properties in soap too and started experimenting with soap-making based on his chemistry knowledge. As he has been in the wastewater management industry for several decades, he was aware of how some chemicals can be harsh to the skin. He was also mindful about avoiding water pollution. So the soap were made with the most basic ingredients - safe for humans and the environment. But there was one very cool ingredient in the soap, and that was the mangosteen fruit extract. After using the soap for a period of time, he finds his skin getting smoother and younger-looking. Seeing this as a business opportunity, he started selling them to his friends too.

  • Push Cart & Food Stall

    In mid 2013, Richard thought it was time to let his product known to public, so he rented a push cart at Plaza Sentosa, Johor Bahru, selling XANPLUS and XANSOAP. He also rented push carts in various shopping malls. While business was picking up slowly at Plaza Sentosa, those at other malls were not. As the rental of these push carts became a burden, they were eventually given up. A year later, Richard figured that in order to attract bigger crowd, they should set up a stall in Plaza Sentosa, selling xanthonized cooked food as well as the mangosteen juice and soap. When more customers were giving positive feedbacks about the soap, it encouraged him to experiment with other types of natural products. It didn't take very long to become clear to him that his heart was with creating natural personal care products. With the support of his family, he decided to follow his heart. In mid 2016, he wind up his food stall business to focus on pursuing his interest. Now, his family has also joined him in this adventure and has literally become the Xansoap family.

  • The Future

    We are excited by how our natural soap has worked for our customers (including a member of the Xansoap family) with skin problems. We are very movitated to do more and are well on the way to intoducing new products soon. It is our goal to provide affordable, natural alternatives to synthetic personal care products.